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As your local metal building erector in Durango, Colorado, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality metal construction and steel erector services at the most affordable rates. Our estimates are free for all custom and kit steel buildings. We have many years of experience in all sizes and types of metal building construction. Quality of materials and workmanship are integral to our company values. We believe in staying on schedule and meeting your budget. We are proud to be part of the local economy in southern Colorado and strive to treat every customer like our neighbors.

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Why Hire Durango Metal Buildings?

Our Estimates Are Free

We are proud to provide 100% free quotes for your Durango, Colorado custom metal building construction project. We will walk your project at a time convenient to your schedule or meet with your architect or committee if appropriate, and we’ll have an accurate quote to you very quickly.

We Stick to Quotes and Timelines

Facing a construction project is daunting enough. It is an expense, and it takes time. We know your time is valuable and that you have a budget, and we work hard to stay on time, finish on schedule, and come in as quoted. We will give you realistic delivery times for materials. We believe communication is key, and you will have the contact information for the project supervisor on your job. You might not need it though because we keep our customers informed every step of the job. Give us a call or fill out our free quote form, and a local Durango Metal Buildings pro will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project.

We Are Steel Construction Pros

Durango Metal Buildings can design a custom red iron or cold steel building to fit your needs and erect your metal building from excavation to turnkey finish. Give us a call to discuss your steel construction project, and we will let you know the price, turnaround time, and what you need to check with your local building and zoning board.

We Are Your Custom Metal Building Construction Company Serving Durango, CO and Surrounding Areas

​Durango Metal Buildings is your best choice in Durango and surrounding areas near La Plata County for custom metal building construction of any type or size red iron steel building. Our experienced teams can quickly construct a quality building whether it’s commercial construction, agricultural construction, industrial construction, or residential construction.

Our local construction crew knows the Durango area, which means we know how to build in and for the Colorado climate. We serve the entire La Plata county area, including Bayfield, Mancos, Hermosa, Pagosa Springs, Cortez, and all other communities near you.

No matter what type of metal building project you want to complete, we have the equipment and experience to provide expert workmanship from concrete to steel erection. Call Durango Metal Buildings today for a free no hassle quote on any type of metal building design: metal buildings for businesses (mini storage facilities, car repair shops, etc.), churches, metal garages and workshops, metal frame greenhouses and growhouses, agricultural storage buildings, gyms and fitness centers, industrial warehouses, metal barns and livestock housing, metal homes and custom built barndominiums, and all other prefabricated red iron steel construction needs.

We are your local licensed and insured custom steel building experts. We would like the opportunity to earn your business and are ready to serve you by bringing your ideas to life. Call now or send in your contact information and let the metal construction pros at Durango Metal Buildings show you what we can do.

Durango Metal Buildings should be your local metal building construction company. Based close to Durango, we offer the best metal building construction in the region and are considered the top Colorado metal building contractor in southern Colorado. We offer the highest quality red iron steel framing for all types of metal barn designs at the most affordable price in Colorado. We have durable, reasonably priced kits for metal and steel buildings, and we can also custom design to your needs. Whether you need a pole barn, machine shed, processing plant, or milking parlor, we can build exactly what you need, on-site, while staying on schedule and within budget.

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We Are a Full Service Colorado Metal Building Contractor

Many people do not realize that metal buildings are not just metal anymore. Cold form steel exteriors are available in a wide variety of patterns, textures, and colors. Want something to look like wood? It is available. Want the look of natural stone but none of the maintenance? We can install it. Need to match the dark Colorado blue spruce color of your home when your new metal garage is built? No problem. Metal is versatile, easy to insulate, and easy to repair if a rock gets thrown by your mower. Stable and sturdy under wind, rain, snow, and other variable Colorado weather, red iron and metal buildings are tough, durable, and cost effective options for your home, ranch, or business.

Commercial Metal Buildings

It’s your business, your ranch, your kid’s school. You need a strong, durable, cost-effective building, and you want it done right because maintenance and repair costs are just not in the budget. As local small business owners, we know exactly what you need. Call Durango Metal Buildings, and we can take care of any commercial, industrial, or institutional building need you have. We are local, licensed, and insured. We understand how important both cost and quality are when you need a retail outlet, a place to store valuable equipment, or are adding a gymnasium and basketball court to your church’s recreation center. Our red iron I-beam construction allows us to create a custom design to meet and exceed your needs at a very good price. We work with small businesses, start-ups, NGOs, non-profits, religious organizations, schools, storage facilities, farms and ranches, warehousing, strip malls, and basically any other non-residential structural need anywhere in south-central and southwest Colorado. We take pride in helping businesses and communities grow in Colorado.


While barndominiums or metal framed and steel exterior homes have been around for a while, they are now more common due to several factors that make them very attractive to families. Barndos, as they are called for short, are in nearly all instances far less expensive to build than traditional stick built houses. They can also be built in about half the time. Any number of exteriors can be used on a metal building with a variety of textures and colors. Easy to insulate, the spacious interiors, a result from the red iron (I-beam) construction, are easy to heat and cool. Custom configuration, versatility, and a build that lends itself to solar and geothermal energy make barndos a choice for many applications from large families to custom ranch and mountain homes. Their durability, low maintenance, and stability under wind and snow make them a great option for southwest Colorado new home construction.

SIP Homes

If energy efficiency and blocking out allergens is important in your new home, you should consider SIP construction. A fairly new technology, SIP homes are built from panels prefabricated and shipped to site. They have framing, insulation, and sheathing already in place. The panels fit precisely and form an excellent barrier to dust, allergens, water intrusion, and wind. More cost efficient than stick built construction, SIP structures can easily be adapted to geothermal and solar energy application. They also are very versatile and can be configured to your exact needs in a new home. Generally lower in cost than most other forms of building, an experienced SIP contractor can have your home up in about half the time it normally takes to build a house. At Durango Metal Buildings we specialize in solutions. Call us for more information and a free quote on SIP construction for your next project.

Metal Storage Buildings

Are you tired of renting a storage unit? Would you like access to your garden tools and outdoor equipment, boat, or snow machines at home where you can conveniently load and go on the weekends? If you are tired of the expense and hassle of your things not being where you can get to them easily, Durango Metal Buildings would like to interest you in constructing a custom metal storage building for your home or business. We offer the best price on quality red iron steel storage buildings whether from a kit or custom built. Red iron, or I-beam construction as it is also known, is an industry standard worldwide due to its durability, stability, and cost effectiveness. Call us for a free estimate on exactly what you need where you need it for a storage solution.

Metal Barns

Agriculture is king in southwestern and south-central Colorado. Farm implements–equipment such as tractors, balers, and harvesters–are all expensive. Winters require hay and grain out of the elements for livestock feed. A sturdy, adequate metal building can be the answer to many farming challenges. Durango Metal Buildings is the #1 Colorado metal building contractor for agriculture. We are experts in machine shed, equipment shed, hay barn, stock barn, and even grow houses. When you need a solid, durable metal barn or farm building that would benefit from professional red iron steel construction and tough metal exterior, contact Durango. We can custom design what meets your farm needs or utilize one of our high grade prefabricated metal building kits. Protect your investment in equipment and livestock from the elements with an economical, well built Durango Metal Building.

Metal Garages & Workshops

Need to build a metal garage, storage building, or bus barn to secure your RV, boat, snow machines, or other toys and vehicles? Have you been wanting a custom metal workshop, a place to do woodwork, or a custom man cave or she-shed at your home? Pining for a sturdy greenhouse or potting shed that will hold up to Colorado weather? Wouldn’t it be great to have a place with enough room to work on the car inside during the winter? Durango Metal Buildings can design a custom metal garage or backyard workshop of any size at the best price in CO! We will work with your needs and custom design for your hobby or vehicles, the space you have on your property, and your budget. Call us today, and let’s get started on your new relaxation and problem solving hangout!

We’ve Been Erecting Red Iron and Cold Steel for Years

When spending hard earned money to have a new building built, you want the best possible building contractor in the region to do it for you. Durango Metal Buildings is your leading local metal building dealer in Durango, CO. We have been building metal structures for many years and hire only the best master craftsmen to work on our crews. If you’re looking for a custom metal building contractor, Durango Metal Buildings provides the best in materials, workmanship, service, and price whether erecting a prefabricated kit or a custom structure.

Durango Metal Buildings is the only call you need to make for all types of custom metal buildings: metal storage buildings, industrial warehouses, rigid-frame steel greenhouses and grow houses, clear-span commercial metal buildings, prefabricated steel buildings, metal barns and agricultural storage buildings, bus barns and storage for RVs/boats/equipment, metal workshops, man caves and she-sheds, and everything in between.

If you’re looking to build an energy efficient, spacious house on a budget, Durango Metal Buildings also offers custom barndominium design and construction as well as DIY metal home and SIP home kits shipped straight to your build site. We can handle the construction of your red iron steel building from pouring the concrete to completing the steel erection. We offer:

+ Professional and Experienced Steel Builders

+ Free Estimates on ALL Metal Building Projects

+ Colorado State Insured Workmanship

+ Durango Local Ownership

If you are like us, energy efficiency is a big deal to you. We don’t like paying big heating and cooling bills, and you should not expect to when you get a new metal building constructed. Metal buildings are easy to insulate, making them energy efficient. They also lend themselves to both solar and geothermal energy installation. If you are looking for alternative energy solutions for your metal building project, let us know. We can help design a building that costs less to run and is environmentally safe and sensitive without breaking the bank.

Durango Metal Buildings is a locally owned and operated company. We live here and we care about Colorado and its natural beauty. We want to keep Colorado clean, safe, and as beautiful as it is now for our children in the future. That is why on every build we take precautions to keep the grounds clean, scraps removed, and any potential hazards completely under control. Our job sites are cleaner when we leave than when we start in nearly all cases. We take a lot of pride in building relationships with our clients while being the best possible stewards of our gorgeous natural surroundings. Our families are depending on that.

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Did you buy a metal building kit and now wish you hadn’t? We can build it for you at a reasonable price. We have all done it–bought something that “must be easy to put together,” and then realized that it takes skill and experience to even start. Metal buildings are like that, no matter how large or small. Truly jigsaw puzzles in steel, we can take care of that frustrating purchase and do what is referred to as erecting an engineered building for you at a very reasonable price. Our teams are experts in all brands and makes of metal structures, and we can get it up and ready for your use fast. Give us a call, tell us some details, and we will give you a fair price to turn your frustration into happiness. We are great at turning that “mistake” stack of palletized stuff taking up your yard into a building that meets your needs.

Do you need to remodel or reconfigure a metal structure on your property? We do it all at Durango Metal Buildings. It is one thing to build from scratch, but an entirely different one at a whole new level of expertise to add red iron or metal structures to an existing building or framework. You need the best metal building contractor in the region to tackle projects like these because the long term health of your building rests on their ability and knowledge. Our years of experience working on a wide variety of structures and materials has given the teams at Durango expertise rarely found in metal building erection. We can modify, restructure, remodel, add on, or build new and attach to your current building. Our remodeling and additions do not leak, will blend into the current look and style of your building, and are architecturally and structurally sound and safe adjoined to your structure. Call us or send in a contact form and let’s set up a time to walk your property and talk about your needs and how we can accomplish the changes for you. Our craftsmen are masters at what they do, and they can help envision what you need done and how to do it safely and economically.