Custom Barndominiums in Durango

Durango Metal Buildings’ custom metal barndominium homes have many advantages over traditional homes built with traditional home construction materials. Whatever type of custom metal barndominium design you want to build, we can construct it for you from the ground up and even finish out the interior. We are your local custom metal home and barndominium builder serving Durango, Colorado and the rest of the La Plata County area, including surrounding counties and neighboring towns as far as Bayfield, Mancos, Hermosa, Pagosa Springs, and Cortez. Our experienced crews can build barndominiums as far as Grand Junction, Vail/Aspen/Breckenridge, Colorado Springs, and all points between.

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We Are the #1 Custom Barndominium Builders in Durango, CO

Are you looking for a new home that provides a lot of space and the ability to customize? Is the price of regular construction holding up your new dream home from becoming a reality? You need to consider a barndominium or metal structure home. Built with red iron (I-beam) framing and clad in durable metal, barndos are becoming increasingly popular in southwest and south-central Colorado. Most barndos have a much lower per square foot build cost and can be constructed in about half the time of regular stick construction. Very versatile and easy to custom configure, barndos are very spacious inside due to the red iron cross beam framing. Easy to insulate, they are also easy to heat and cool and lend themselves to alternative forms of energy, such as solar and geothermal, extremely well. You can get a lot of house for your hard earned dollars with a barndominium.

Since metal frame homes are often highly customized, they do not come on the market often. You just do not see barndominiums for sale in Colorado. People tend to build them as forever homes for their families. If you need to build an addition in the future, red iron frame houses are extremely easy to expand to meet your needs. Durango Metal Buildings is an expert in metal frame home construction. We can build a custom barndominium home made with quality red iron steel for your family to call their forever home on your property in about half the time it takes to get a standard stick built house erected. Our metal house designs are fully customized to meet your exact specifications and professionally constructed by experienced builders from excavation to erection.

There are many reasons to consider building a metal home instead of a traditional house: The construction costs of metal homes vs. traditional homes are much lower. Our custom metal barndominiums framed with red iron steel are much less expensive to maintain and require fewer structural repairs than traditional wood framed houses, saving you time and money. Metal framed structures are highly customizable at a lower cost. I-beam construction creates spacious interiors that are easy to heat and cool and offer increased natural light. This makes it easy and cost effective for you to have that cathedral ceiling to take in the panoramic views of beautiful Colorado or that loft or upstairs library you wanted. Custom built metal houses constructed by Durango Metal Buildings can go up very fast. Due to the quality of our red iron steel and the efficiency of our local team of experienced builders, metal barndominiums can be constructed at lightning speed and with very few hiccups. The headaches of old fashioned wood construction just don’t come up in a barndo build. Durango Metal Buildings’ metal barndominium homes are much more resistant to fire, flood, mold growth, infestations from pests and rodents, and storm damage when compared to traditional homes. Thanks to the superior red iron steel construction, metal frame homes have terrific wind and snow load capacities. They are sturdy, durable, and do not shift on the foundation.

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