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We are your commercial red iron and cold steel building construction company in Durango, CO and surrounding areas. We serve all of La Plata County and the surrounding areas as far as Grand Junction and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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The Best Commercial Metal Building Contractors in Durango, CO

One of the biggest challenges to many businesses and institutions is when they face having to build a new building. Costs are first and foremost, and making sure you have hired the right company that will provide a solid finished product is next. You also need to make sure that the building really is designed and built to do what you need it to do, whether it’s an indoor basketball court for your church fellowship hall or a tough little building to sell your produce from during season. You need a local metal building contractor that can work with your budget and deliver everything you asked for. You need to call Durango Metal Buildings.

We are a commercial construction company near you in Durango, CO. We have years of experience designing and building custom metal buildings to house small businesses, startups, centers, and warehouses. We know how to custom design your new church so it is energy efficient, highly usable, versatile, and beautiful. Whether you need a strip mall built in red iron steel or RV, boat, and auto cover in a storage facility, we can do it. 

Durango Metal Buildings is highly experienced in design and erection of commercial steel buildings of all different types and sizes. We can build in cold steel or even aluminum exteriors. Whether you’re looking to build a car repair shop, shopping mall, mini storage facility, agricultural storage building, large industrial warehouse, gym or fitness center, church building, restaurant, athletic facility or recreation center, entertainment venue, or any other type of local business, Durango Metal Buildings can meet your need with quality materials and professional construction at a price that won’t break your budget.

Durango Metal Buildings believes providing only the best red iron steel in all of our commercial and industrial construction projects is the right thing to do. I-beam construction is a great solution for commercial properties for many reasons. Red iron steel is a very inexpensive building material when compared to traditional materials. This translates to lower construction costs for your business or organization. Construction is fast and efficient when building with red iron steel. This lets you get up and running and open much faster than having to wait on traditional construction.

Our custom steel buildings are extremely durable and require very little maintenance. An economically smart investment for your company, our buildings increase your property value while providing great utilization potential. Another big plus in Colorado’s climate, red iron steel structures built by Durango Metal Buildings can withstand storms and bad weather with minimal damage due to the integral strength of I-beam framing. Metal buildings also offer increased resistance to rodents, pests, insects, and decay over time compared to structures built with wood or other materials. Also, your insurance company will be pleased to see how fire resistant red iron construction is, lowering your cost and their risk.

Bottom line: If you’re starting or expanding a business or facility and looking to construct an economical custom commercial steel building that will last, Durango Metal Buildings should be your contractor of choice. No matter how much square footage you need, Durango Metal Buildings will build it right, build it fast, and build it to last. Call us for a free quote. We will be happy to meet with your building committee, purchasing department, or project manager at their convenience, and we can provide approved plans to your financial institution as needed.

We are your local custom steel building contractor serving Durango, Colorado and the rest of the La Plata County area, including surrounding counties and neighboring towns as far as Gunnison, Grand Junction, Vail, Colorado Springs, Bayfield, Mancos, Hermosa, Pagosa Springs, and Cortez.

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