Metal Barns in Durango

If you run a farm or agricultural business and need an affordable red iron steel barn to store your heavy machinery, keep your hay clean and dry, or house your livestock, a prefabricated metal barn built by Durango Metal Buildings is the best choice you could make. No agricultural operation is too far out of town for our expert team to get the building you need up fast and economically. We offer both kit and custom red iron steel barn construction in Durango, Colorado and all the surrounding areas to La Plata County, CO, such as Bayfield, Mancos, Hermosa, Pagosa Springs, Cortez, and Grand Junction.

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Custom Metal Barn Builders in Durango, CO

Searching for a metal building contractor who can build a custom metal barn to store your farm equipment, agricultural machinery, crops or house livestock? Are you starting a grow operation that needs durable metal frame buildings that will hold up to the climate while being completely inert for your plants? Give us a call at Durango Metal Buildings. We know what you need and that you need it at a good price and short completion time. Our quotes are always free, and we can configure buildings according to what you need.

Why hire a steel barn contractor in Durango? Today’s farmers and ranchers are sharp business people. Agriculture requires research, and sometimes we get asked why build a metal barn instead of a traditional wood pole barn? At Durango Metal Buildings, we have found through many installations at area farms and ranches that red iron steel construction is simply a much better option for barns.

There are many reasons we have heard for preferring a new metal structure for agri-business in Colorado: Steel does not decay over time like wood does. The lifespan of a metal farm building far exceeds a wood one and comes with less maintenance. Red iron steel barns are highly resistant to termites, mold, wood rot, mildew, water, wind, and fire. This makes metal a great, stable investment for a farm or agricultural business. Durango Metal Buildings’ rigid frame barn designs don’t need support columns like wooden barns. The weight bearing capacity outdoes wood. That translates to more usable interior space for storing your equipment, livestock, hay or harvest. It also means less repairs to equipment and buildings from poles getting clipped. Prefab steel barns will remain tight, straight, and sturdy over time. Wooden barns loosen, sag, lean, shift, warp, and dry rot as time passes and the wood’s moisture content fluctuates also. Metal structures are more fire proof and earthquake stable. Metal barn doors do not sag on their hinges like wood. Metal farm buildings can be built in a wide array of colors to match your current buildings. Durango Metal Buildings’ red iron steel barns are extremely low maintenance.  Wooden barns easily cost thousands in maintenance and repairs as they age and decay. Besides, we know you would rather be hunting, fishing, or relaxing than painting your barn! A metal barn holds value better and is almost always less expensive than a wooden barn to insure. This can mean thousands saved in premium costs for each metal structure on your property. Metal barns look tidy and clean and create the image of a well run agricultural operation. We have never met a farmer or rancher yet who was not concerned about the pride they take in their property.

We know that animals can get into trouble with scraps of metal, wire, and other objects, and we are extra diligent to make sure nothing is left on the job site and that it’s left cleaner than when we started. We also know that there is a reason your gates are closed, and we’ll be sure not to let the horses stray or the cows wander.

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