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We are your local SIP home and metal home builder serving Durango, Colorado and the rest of the La Plata County area, including surrounding counties and neighboring towns as far as Bayfield, Mancos, Hermosa, Pagosa Springs, Cortez, Vail, Grand Junction, and all areas between. Call us for a free quote. We will be happy to do the math and show you the comparisons in pricing and timeline between a SIP home and conventional construction. We guarantee you will be happily surprised with a SIP option.

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Prefabricated Metal SIP Home Builders in Durango

One of the exciting newer technologies on the construction front are homes and buildings constructed with structural insulated panels. These panels are prefabricated and have framing and sheathing as well as insulation already put together in easy to erect panels. Faster to construct with less labor cost, SIP houses are highly efficient and durable. They are sealed better than regular construction, virtually eliminating many allergens including pollen and dust that sneak through the joints and crevices in old fashioned  stick built homes. This tight construction also helps block noise, air movement, and especially moisture from passing through window frames, wall joints, and roof connection points. Exterior covering is easy with a SIP building and can utilize wood, vinyl, brick or stone veneer, and other exterior options. Comfortable to live in, SIP homes tend to be very energy efficient and provide extended value over time for your property. Also, thanks to the prefabricated materials, SIP homes tend to have much lower localized environmental impact than other forms of construction.

Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) homes are gaining popularity because they offer so many advantages over typical new home construction methods and materials. Versatile and customizable, SIP homes lend well to multi-story home construction and custom configurations. If you would like to explore building a pre-engineered metal home, contact Durango Metal Buildings. We are one of the top metal building contractors in Colorado and we have a lot of experience in SIP home construction.  Durango Metal Buildings can design and construct a SIP home for your family in far less time than standard construction.

Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) homes are a great choice for new home construction for so many reasons: SIP homes are affordable, energy efficient, extremely durable, and excellently insulated. SIP homes also have weatherproof framing, flexible and versatile design, and higher resistance to allergens, dust, or air leaks, lower local environmental impact. SIP homes can be constructed quickly and provide fast and efficient solutions for job site offices, temporary buildings, or remote shed and building needs, especially in challenging locations.

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